Pay per call networks are performance marketing agencies that generate inbound phone leads for businesses that require customer contact over the phone. These include companies that offer home services, insurance, tax debts, and financial products.

With pay per call, advertisers only pay for qualified calls. This allows marketers to experiment with multiple pay per call companies and ad campaigns without paying for ineffectual programs.


Pay per call networks are designed to connect businesses with potential customers that are willing to speak on the phone about their needs. These call leads can be monetized through multiple marketing channels, including email, paid search, display ads, social media and offline methods.

The most successful pay per call campaigns are for high-consideration products and services that require a human touch over the phone. These include insurance, finance, home services, and mortgages. This model is especially effective for advertisers that target customers in a specific region or time zone.

Marketcall offers ready-to-go affiliate offers in a variety of verticals such as travel, auto insurance, payday loans, mortgages, and real estate. This network also provides dedicated support to its publishers and advertisers. Their unique technologies can filter calls and route them based on a variety of criteria such as caller location, landline versus mobile, and repeat callers. This helps marketers save time and resources and focus on vetted leads that will convert.


The biggest pay per call network is ClickDealer, which has been delivering quality calls to advertisers since 2006. This performance marketing model involves affiliates promoting the advertiser’s call center and connecting consumers directly. This type of advertising has a lot of potential for conversion and can be very effective.

The cost of pay per call networks varies depending on the vertical and the size of the campaign. For example, insurance pay-per-call campaigns can generate significant revenue. These calls often result in sales, which can benefit both the media buyer and publisher.

The main difference between pay per call and traditional digital ads is that the visitor does not need to click on a link to be credited for a sale. Instead, the customer will dial a unique phone number assigned by the advertiser. The phone call will then be connected to the advertiser’s sales team. This allows publishers to monetize their traffic without worrying about a negative impact on the customer experience.


Pay-per-call campaigns are a great way to promote business services that require a live interaction with a customer. This performance-based marketing strategy is often a good fit for service-based businesses, like insurance or travel agencies, home improvement companies, and auto repair shops. In addition, pay-per-call offers can help generate a higher ROI than traditional PPC ads.

While the cost of pay-per-call campaigns may be more expensive than PPC ads, the advertiser only pays for qualified call leads. This allows them to experiment with various types of advertisements and multiple call centers without the risk of losing money.

Invoca’s scalable pay-per-call tracking platform helps performance marketers optimize their call flows and maximize their payouts. By capturing unique click IDs and synchronizing them with their ad platforms, they can match calls back to the creative, keyword, and campaign. They can also use caller data to route calls to the best-matched buyer. They can also create personalized caller journeys using flexible routing options and custom IVR messages.


Pay per call is a marketing technique that allows advertisers to connect with potential customers over the phone. It has seen particularly strong success in verticals that require a high-consideration product or service, such as insurance and financial services, where consumers typically need to speak with a live representative to make their decision.

With the help of call tracking technology, pay-per-call campaigns can be optimized and monetized. Invoca’s AI call tracking, analytics and attribution capabilities enable marketers to understand the factors that lead to qualified calls and how they can improve their caller journeys.

A pay-per-call network is a lead generating marketing organization that publishes advertising and performance marketing campaigns with the goal of driving phone calls for its advertisers. These organizations are also referred to as publishers, cost-per-action marketers, affiliate marketers or distribution partners. They are paid a pre-negotiated fee for each phone call that they generate. They often set specific criteria for what defines a “qualified” phone call. These criteria could include the length of the call, the geographic location of the phone caller or how they respond to certain questions.